Pratt & Whitney

As the only engine overhaul facility in Canada who overhauls these engines, we take pride in the quality and service we provide. Aero Recip overhauls engines for various Airlines, Fly-In Fishing & Flight Seeing Operators. Large fleet operators can count on us to keep their fleet in motion. Private operators can count on us and the personalized service we offer.

Aero Recip overhauls P&W Engines which include:Guy working on Pratt & Whitney engines

  • R985-AN14B
  • R1340-AN1
  • R1340-59
  • R1830-92D



We can custom overhaul or exchange these engine models to meet your specification with options such as:

  • Guy working on Pratt & Whitney EngineBrass Magneto Gears
  • Bosch or Bendix Magnetos
  • New or Overhauled Pistons
  • Baffles
  • Tempest or Champion Spark Plugs
  • Custom Paint
  • Chrome Options
  • Extended test run on our Dyno Test Cell.



We also overhaul accessories for your engine, click here.

While strictly adhering to P&W Manuals, Aero Recip goes above and beyond:workers

  • Warranty to TBO against head and barrel leakage and/or separation. TFTBO
  • Installing a plain impeller bearing. Our service experience has indicated that a conversion from a ball bearing to plain impeller configuration resulted in engine longevity with decreased downtime. Advantages include:
    • Improved oil sealing in the supercharger area
    • Higher resistance to corrosion and extreme environments
    • Enhanced tolerance to higher RPMs