Lycoming Line of EnginesAero Recip overhauls Lycoming engines for various Airlines, Flying Schools, Cargo Operators and Medivacs.  Large fleet operators can count on us to keep their fleet in motion. Private operators can count on us and the personalized service we offer.

Aero Recip overhauls Carbureted, Fuel Injected and Turbocharged 4, 6 & 8 cylinder Lycoming engine models for fixed wing and rotary aircraft. This includes:

  • O-235
  • O/IO-320
  • O/IO-360
  • O/IO/L&TIO-540
  • IO-720

Guy assembling Lycoming EngineWith a core pool of over 200 engine cores, we can do quick exchanges on most engine models. Or if you prefer, a custom overhaul is also an option.

While strictly adhering to all OEM publications, we can exchange or custom overhaul your engine to meet your specifications with many different options such as:

  • New Lycoming or Superior Cylinders
  • Overhauled Cylinders
  • Harztell or Skytec Starter
  • Tempest or Champion Spark Plugs and Oil Filter
  • Bendix or Slick Magnetos
  • New or Reground Cam & Tappets
  • New Crankshaft or Overhauled Crankshaft
  • QEC options on L/TIO-540 engine models
  • Custom Paint
  • Chrome Options
  • Extended test run on our Dyno Test Cell.

We also overhaul accessories for your engine, click here